Collect ALL 1,000+ Pokémon in ONE Binder (GEN 4 *AGAIN* Pokemon Card Challenge)

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ROUND 2 - I need to beat Steve the clock and collect every Pokémon in Gen. 4 in 107 minutes, or I will give away all the Gen. 4 cards I collect and start again from scratch. I'm already behind on the ultimate challenge, thanks to losing to Steve last time, and I cannot afford to lose again.

I’m completing the entire Pokedex — collecting over a thousand Pokémon Cards — inside the GIGABINDER! Shout out to VaultX for making this actual oversized binder for this challenge (use code VAULTXDPM to get 10% off your next order on or Amazon)

I have to collect a single card for every Pokemon in existence by Card Party Gen. 2, or I will have to give away the entire Gigabinder and all the cards to someone at Card Party.

Do you think I can pull off this impossible Pokemon Card challenge by June 2024?

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A big shout out to all the vendors at Frank and Sons Collectible Show, Jake @ekajtheekans for the starting cards,  @026Gonzo and @IanwithIan for the help collecting.

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