We LOST all Communication in Pirate Territory.. (Extended, cinematic cut)

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0:00 - Start
0:03 - Home of Pirates
1:20 - Welcome onboard!
3:00 - Sailing the Sulu Sea
7:00 - Anchor Damage
8:00 - Last Anchorage in Malaysia
9:17 - Reflections on the Sail
10:20 - Morning Routine
13:20 - Assessing the Damage
15:00 - Boys Trip
18:00 - Sailing Worries
20:00 - We LOST Signal
23:40 - Dolphins Everywhere
25:00 - Navigating the Red Zone
26:12 - MAYDAY Messages
28:52 - Anchoring at Night
30:00 - Dinner at Sea
31:30 - Morning Check Up
35:00 - In the Middle of Nowhere
37:00 - Spearing a MASSIVE Fish
41:00 - Next Week




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